Saturday, April 18, 2009


To continue our food orgy, Roomie, H, Volatile, Nico, Squishy, and I went to possibly the most sexy sushi restaurant in the whole city. The meal was extremely satisfying. There are two options at Yuka: (1) All you can eat or (2) Menu. We wonderfully decided to be fat pigs and decided on the all you can eat option. The way it works is that you have sheets of paper at the table with the sushi options. They (the restaurant staff) give you pencils and you mark off the number of rolls or pieces of nigiri you want. You generally order for the whole table, so the following pictures were basically for the whole table.

These were avocado-cucumber rolls. Volatile ate most of these because she's a veggie. She said that they were alright.

These were the spicy tuna rolls. They were extremely spicy, but that's how spicy tuna rolls should be in the first place. They were good.

Here is a plate of yellowtail and tataki nigiri. The yellowtail was extremely fresh and had great texture. The scallions that were sprinkled on top added a nice subtle onion flavor that complemented the yellowtail. The tataki was nice, but tasted just like regular salmon.

The top row is tuna, the middle row is mackerel, and the bottom row is egg custard. The tuna and mackerel were both very fresh. The egg custard was very fresh and soft, with a mild sweet flavor. It was one of the best egg custard sushi I've ever tried before.

Here is a beautiful tray of salmon and tataki nigiri. The salmon here was extremely fresh and practically melted in my mouth.

Beastly Roomie got some hand rolls for himself. Included were the crab salad and tuna salad hand rolls picture above. He shockingly stuffed almost a whole hand roll into his mouth at one point in the meal. He was so happy that night!

Here is more salmon. We also got unagi, but I was too busy eating some of the best unagi I've ever had in my life to take any pictures. It was the only thing I somehow missed, pictures-wise. I promise to have pictures next time.

Overall, this place was great. We got an both an extremely filling meal and good quality food at the same time. We definitely will be back there in the future.
Price: <3<3<3
Taste: <3<3<3<3<3
Atmosphere: <3<3<3<3<
Opinion: Highly Recommended

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