Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dallas BBQ.

Early in Spring of 2009, right when the weather began to warm up and my allergies began to kill me, H, Roomie, and I went down to Dallas BBQ on another lazy Sunday afternoon to grab lunch. I found out that it would not only be the allergy medicine that would place me into a hazy state, but the sheer amount of food, particularly carbs, that I would consume would also place me into food coma.

As seen above on the paper menus/place mats, Dallas BBQ boasted "Texas Specials" and Texas-sized drinks. Being that it was early afternoon, however, H did not want to consume alcohol and instead ordered a Shirley Temple. The sweet and fizzy drink came in this huge glass goblet and the three of us admired it in all of its red and shiny glory. It came with enough maraschino cherries to please any little kid. The drink was fizzy and sweet, ice cold and refreshing. Some would consider it to be overly sweet, but I am a firm believer that Shirley Temples should be very sweet, so I would give this one my stamp of approval.

Both mine and Roomie's meals came with a small bowl of soup, with pieces of chicken, some carrot, and potato. Warm, but overall bland and a little oily, I wouldn't have missed this soup if it did not come with the meal. The chicken was very tender, though.

I got the famous Bar-B-Q Baby Back Ribs with fries and cornbread. The ribs came out drowning in sweet barbeque sauce and the meat falling right off of the bones. I attacked to plate and my hands were soon so sloppy that I did not want to touch anything else. The ribs were pretty good, with the meat just sliding right off the bone. It was not overly salty and was done very well. The fries were nice and crispy on top, but were unfortunately soggy on the bottom because they were sitting in the sauce from the ribs. The cornbread had great taste, but it was terribly dry and I had to use the butter to attempt to add moisture to the bread.

Roomie, in all of his pig out might, ordered the Family Special, which is basically two orders of half chickens. He got one with fries and the other with rice. Both came with cornbread. He first told the waiter to pack the second half to go, and it was brought to our table mid-meal in a paper bag, sitting next to his platter with the other half chicken. He plowed through the first half of the chicken and cleaned the plate. Despite the huge amount of food he just consumed, however, he declared that he was still not satisfied and proceeded to open up the paper bag and eat the other half chicken! He even ate the cornbread from the second meal. He save the rice because he would not consume all of the carbs. He liked it very much, and did not criticize anything, and we can now joke about how Roomie ate a whole bird one day when we went to lunch!

H got the Full Order of the "Hot" Wings. They came out early, clearly freshly made and piping hot in temperature. The smell of hot sauce made me cough, even, as it was placed on the table. I tried one and the hot sauce immediately made me cough. It was totally unexpected, but as I went on to finish the rest of the wing, I was prepared for the heat and prevented myself from coughing anymore. It was fresh, crispy, and such a guilty pleasure.

Overall, my first experience at Dallas BBQ was a good one. I had always heard of the place, but never really thought of going there. I am not usually a big barbeque eater, because it is a little bit on the unhealthy side, so I was glad to try this place out. It was a treat for all of us and I would definitely go back if I want to have some good barbeque food.
Price: <3<3<3
Taste: <3<3<3<3
Atmosphere: <3<3<3
Opinion: Recommended

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