Monday, February 16, 2009

Blockhead's Burritos.

To our chagrin, we were unable to get sushi at Yuka today for lunch (They open up at 5 on weekdays), so we settled for Blockhead's, which was down the block from Yuka.  I've never been to Blockhead's before, but I've always heard about it, so it was an exciting encounter.

The decor was colorful and bright and the staff was very friendly, even offering us a sample of something before we decided on what to order.  The chip bowl was constantly refilled without request before our food arrived.

The complementary chips and salsa.  Salsa was okay.  Very smooth, but not that chunky.  Almost like jar salsa.  Chips seemed fresh.

Close up of the salsa.

Close up of the tortilla chips.

We all got burritos with wheat tortillas.  Roomie got a chicken burrito.  M got a shredded beef burrito.  Mic and I got beef picadillo burritos.  The burritos were okay.  Seemed a little dry and were very filling.  I wish they gave us more lettuce and tomato and put them inside the burrito instead of on the side.  The burritos were also kind of salty.

Overall, okay.  Decor and service was nice.  Food was okay.

Price: <3<3<3<
Taste: <3<3<3
Atmosphere: <3<3<3<
Opinion: Alright to try

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  1. Where's the shot of its innards to show how moist or dry the burrito was? From the outside, it looks a little dry. There wasn't any lettuce or tomato inside it? That's kinda weird. Then it'd only be meat wrapped in flatted bread.