Monday, March 23, 2009

Golden Bridge Restaurant.

In the continuing course of MY and S' vacation in the city, Mic and I took them out for yum cha.  Since our usual yum cha joint had about an hour wait, we all decided to go to Golden Bridge Restaurant since Mic said that their yum cha was decent.  I was pleasantly surprised.

Here's the first spread.  Clockwise from left: Chive Dumplings, pai gwat (Steamed Pork Ribs), siu long bao, and siu mai.  All were alright.  The pork ribs were tender.  The siu long bao were not true ones because there was no soup on the inside.

Here's the second spread.  Clockwise from left: ja lurng, cheong fun, and lo bok goh.  The ja lurng, Chinese donut inside a cheong, or rice noodle, topped with soy sauce and sesame seeds and with some hot sauce on the side, was very good.  The donut was perfectly crispy and crunched very nicely, while being wrapped in the texturally gelatinous noodle.  The churng fun, or pan-fried rice noodle with oyster sauce and sesame seeds, was alright, but nothing special.  The lo bok goh, or white turnip cake, was alright, but I felt that it was too floury and did not have enough turnip in the cake.  Plusses for the cheong fun and lo bok goh being freshly pan-fried in front of our eyes.

The final spread.  From left to right, chun gurn, ham see gok (mince meat pies in a chewy rice cake), and wu gok (taro fritters with mince meat inside).  The chun gurn and wu gok was pretty standard.  The ham see gok was a little cold and this was upsetting.

Overall, the yum cha was pretty good for the prices.  It was mostly fresh and there was a good variety of choices.
Price: <3<3<3<3
Taste: <3<3<3<3
Atmosphere: <3<3<3<
Opinion: Highly Recommended for yum cha

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  1. Best spot for yumcha in my opinion is Tung Yi Fung in Flushing !